Save time and make an appointment or join our virtual line

The OneCard/Parking Service Center is offering options to help you get your OneCard or Parking pass as easily as possible without lines and waiting. 

Option 1: Online transactions

New Onecards: Upload your photo in your OneCard Account and when it is approved email us your address and we will mail it out. 

Replacement Onecards: Upload your $20 replacement card fee into your OneCard account and email us your address and we will mail it out. 

Parking Passes: Go to the parking website and click on "Purchase Parking Permits or Pay citations", then click on "Get Permits" and login using your access ID and Acadmica password. Follow the prompts to purchase your semester pass.

Option 2: Make an appointment online or join our virtual line for in-person help

For affiliates, those having trouble, or those who wish to pick up their OneCard or Parking pass in-person, you can schedule an appointment in advance online or you can join the virtual line when you are on your way to campus and receive text or email updates about your place in line. 

Make sure you read through our FAQ's to make sure you have everything you need before coming to the office for assistance. 

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