• Who can get a OneCard?
    Currently registered Wayne State University full-time and part-time students, faculty and staff with active employment classifications, and alumni can get a OneCard. Some affiliates are also authorized to get a OneCard. For more details check out our Types of OneCards page.
  • Where do I get my OneCard?
    The OneCard/Parking Service Center is located in the Welcome Center, 42 W. Warren Avenue, Suite 257. Please call 313-577-CARD for more information. Our regular hours of operation are Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. The OneCard/Parking Service Center does have extended hours during the first 2 weeks of the fall semester. Check our home page for a listing of the dates and times of our extended hours. These dates will change yearly based on when classes begin.
  • When can I get a OneCard?
    Most Wayne State University Students will obtain their OneCard when they attend freshman or transfer orientation. For those students who missed orientation, once they have registered for classes, they can bring a copy of their class schedule to the OneCard Office to obtain their card. Faculty and staff can obtain a OneCard once they are hired and have attended their University Orientation session. WSU alumni can obtain a OneCard by contacting the Office of Alumni Affairs and joining the Wayne State University Alumni Association and completing the online Alumni OneCard request form.
  • What do I bring to get my OneCard?
    Please bring government issued photo identification with you. A valid driver's license, state ID or passport are acceptable forms of photo identification. Employees may also need an offer letter if their employment information has not yet been entered into the banner system. Students may want to bring a copy of their current class schedule printed from Academica.
  • What is a OneCard cash deposit machine?
    A OneCard cash deposit machine allows you to deposit cash to add value to your OneCard. Just insert your card, select the deposit function and insert your cash. You can access your account immediately. Please note that denominations of $1, $5, $10 and $20 are accepted. OneCard cash deposit machines are located throughout campus. See our "Adding money to your OneCard" page for a complete list of machine locations.
  • What are the minimum and maximum amounts that I can deposit on my OneCard?
    The minimum amount you may deposit online is $15. The minimum deposit amount at a machine is $1. The maximum amount allowed on the OneCard is $500.
  • Does the OneCard cash deposit machine give change?
    No, the OneCard deposit machine does not give change. You can only add the exact amount you would like to deposit.
  • How do I add money to my OneCard?
    1. Visit Academica, login, select "Access OneCard Account" and follow the prompts.
    2. Pay by check or money order at the OneCard/Parking Service Center in the Welcome Center, Suite 257
    3. Visit a OneCard cash deposit machine
  • How can my parent add money to my OneCard Account?
    Students should log into Academica, go to University Resources, and then Access OneCard Account. Once logged in, on the left hand side of the screen will be a menu Titled "Personalize". Under that menu please choose the option "Guest Access". Once on the Guest Access screen choose "add" and enter an email address to which the guest access email instructions will be mailed. Check the boxes for the types of access you would like the guest to have. You can allow someone to view your statement, get low balance alerts, have guest access to add money, and report lost cards. Then press "add" again to finalize the action. An email will be sent to the email address you provided with instructions on how to login and add money to your account.
  • What if my OneCard is lost?
    If your OneCard is lost, go to Academica immediately and deactivate your OneCard. If you cannot get online, call the OneCard/Parking Service Center at 313-577-CARD during business hours and a representative will deactivate your card. To get a replacement OneCard, you will need to fill out a Replacement Form at the OneCard/Parking Service Center and a new OneCard will be issued to you for a $20 fee. Acceptable forms of payment, at the cashiers office, for the replacement fee are check, cash or money order. We can also charge your OneCard account for the amount of the replacement card fee if your account has enough funds.
  • What if my OneCard is stolen?
    If your OneCard is stolen, go to Academica immediately and deactivate your OneCard. If you cannot get online, call the OneCard/Parking Service Center at 313-577-CARD during business hours and a representative will deactivate your OneCard. To get a replacement OneCard, you will need to fill out a Replacement Form at the OneCard/Parking Service Center. Police reports are no longer accepted to get the replacement fee waived. Patrons must pay the $20 fee to replace any lost or stolen card.
  • What if I change my name?
    Card holders who change the Legal Name (due to marriage, divorce, or other circumstances), or those who register a Preferred name through the University's preferred name registration process, after obtaining their initial card, will be required to pay the $20.00 replacement card fee in order to obtain a card with their new name. The old card must be surrendered at the time the new card is issued. All changes must be reflected in Banner before the new card is printed. The University will be launching the preferred name initiative in the Winter 2017 semester.
  • Is there a fee for my first OneCard?
    No, there is no fee for your first OneCard. However, if you lose your OneCard, a replacement fee of $20 will be charged to obtain a new card.
  • Why is my OneCard not working?
    There are a number of reasons why a OneCard may stop working. Some of the more common reasons are:
    • Your OneCard is bent or cracked
    • The magnetic stripe on your OneCard is scratched
    • The magnetic stripe on your OneCard has become demagnetized
    • There isn't any money in your OneCard account
    • Your OneCard has expired
    • Your access to a building, lab, parking area, etc. has expired
    Please note that you will need to bring your OneCard to the OneCard/Parking Service Center so the problem can be diagnosed.
  • What if my OneCard is damaged or not working?
    If your OneCard is damaged or not working, please bring it to the OneCard/Parking Service Center in the Welcome Center, suite 257 and a representative will determine if your card is still functional. A OneCard with normal wear and tear may be replaced at no charge.
  • Can I get cash back from my OneCard?
    No, refunds are not available unless you are leaving the University, so please make sure that you add money to your OneCard accordingly.
  • If I leave WSU, what happens to money left on my OneCard?
    When you leave Wayne State University, you will get a refund if you have more than a $15 balance on your OneCard. Please note that it will take four to six weeks for a refund. Contact the OneCard/Parking Service Center to process your request or complete and submit the OneCard Account Cancelation Form.
  • Can I have more than one OneCard?
    No, for security reasons we cannot allow you to have more than one OneCard.
  • What if I do not like the picture on my OneCard?
    We will be more than happy to take another picture for you, but please note that you will be charged the $20 replacement fee.
  • How do I set a low-balance warning on my OneCard account?
    1. Log in to Academica with your WSU AccessID and password.
    2. Under "University Resources" choose "Access OneCard Account".
    3. On the right side of the personalized WSU OneCard page, select "Low Balance" under the "Personalize" heading.
    4. Within the Low-Balance Settings section that displays in the center, you can enter a balance minimum in the Minimum box.
    5. Enter one or more email addresses in the Email box(es) below, and when your balance drops below this minimum, an alert email will be sent to these addresses.
    6. Click Save.