OneCard readers

Door access readers and on-campus point of sale readers

Starting October 1, 2014 (FY15) any departments, offices, schools or colleges who wish to add door access or POS readers to the OneCard System will be responsible for the following costs:

  1. The initial equipment and installation costs associated with the readers.
  2. Annual software costs - estimated in year one, and based on usage (the number of swipes) in each subsequent year.
  3. Annual equipment depreciation and replacement costs - the cost of the equipment purchase price divided over 5 years so that the OneCard Office can repair and replace the equipment as it becomes outdated, we need to upgrade, or it needs to be replaced due to malfunction.

Departments, offices, schools or colleges must notify the OneCard Office about tier intentions regarding installing OneCard readers and a walk-through should be held with our Service Technician and/or Sr. System's Analyst. After that a quote for equipment will be provided to the department or FP&M based on who made the request. Once the department has the quote they may begin the PO process to receive the equipment, which should be shipped to the OneCard Office for configuration, before being handed over to the company who will be performing the installation.

Information regarding costs for readers associated with the OneCard system will be provided to departments in February or early March to help them budget for the following fiscal year.

Questions about this process may be directed to Audra Forsberg at

Departmental door administrative access

Departments with door access readers may have one or more staff as a designated administrator. The administrator will give access to departmental OneCard access doors to those with the need and proper approval. Departments will determine their own internal approval process. New departmental administrators should have their supervisor request administrative access by completing the CS Gold Administrator Request Form. Once access is granted the OneCard office will provide a short in-person or over the phone training which will include an overview of CS Gold and how to grant and remove access to an individual.

Point of sale reader - off-campus vendors

Restaurants and other local vendors in the Wayne State area have the opportunity to participate as a vendor who accepts the OneCard as a form of payment. Wayne State contracts with a vendor (UGRYD) to set up businesses with POS devices to accept the OneCard on our behalf. Fees include a monthly POS unit rental fee and a per transaction fee. To get more information about accepting the OneCard as a method of payment at your place of business please send your request, along with your contact information (business name and address, contact person, phone number, email) to Audra Forsberg at

A current listing of on and off-campus vendors that accept the OneCard can be found on the "Where to use your OneCard" page.

OneCard reader repair

Schools, colleges and departments with OneCard readers in need of repair should complete the OneCard Reader Repair Request Form. Please use this form to submit repair requests for OneCard Cash machine issues and OneCard readers across campus including door access, point of sale (POS), vending, laundry, and parking. Requests will be reviewed in the order that they are received. Emergency situations are given priority. Please make sure to include the name, phone number, office number and email of the appropriate contact person for questions and follow up.