Parking Service Center

Our service center on the second floor of the Welcome Center is not just the place to get your new or replacement OneCard. We also provide important services and information relating to parking on campus.

Hours of operation

The OneCard/Parking Service Center hours are 8:30am - 5pm, Monday - Friday. Any changes or updates to these hours will be posted on our homepage. If we are unable to assist you remotely you can make an appointment for assistance in the office. 

Patrons needing gate assistance or after-hours assistance can call the Parking Assistance Line at 313-577-1979 or press the intercom at the parking entrance or exit gate. 

Online parking pass sales - parking kiosks

Many parking-related tasks can be taken care of using our Online Parking System. For the convenience of our parking patrons, four computer kiosks are set up down the hall from the service center. The kiosks allow parking patrons paying by check or credit card to purchase a parking pass online without having to stand in line. All students, faculty and staff with an AccessID and password can log into the parking system.

You can perform the following functions at the kiosks:

  • Purchase a new semester parking pass and RFID tag
  • Renew a semester parking pass
  • Pay a parking citation
  • Update your vehicle information
  • Load money onto your OneCard via Academica.

Parking pass sales - in office

Due to the availability of our online system, the OneCard/Parking Service Center accepts payments made with a WSU ONECARD ACCOUNT ONLY for parking pass sales. Patrons with cash should pay at the Cashier's Office (Rm 217) and bring the receipt to the OneCard/Parking Service Center or load the cash onto your OneCard for payment in the Service Center. For your convenience, a OneCard machine is located on the 2nd floor of the Welcome Center outside of the Service Center. 

For those students, staff, faculty and affiliates who may be unable to purchase their parking pass online, our friendly office staff is available to assist by appointment. In these cases, all methods of payment will be accepted in the Service Center except cash. Patrons who are unable to pay online may include new faculty/staff whose employment information has not yet be entered into Banner, Contractors and Campus Retailers; other affiliated parkers such as Studio One residents; students requesting Disability/Special Needs parking assignments; employees signing up for payroll deduction; and those purchasing temporary parking passes (i.e.. visitors staying overnight with campus residents). Current parking locations, rates and information can be found on the Parking Website.

Note: All patrons requiring overnight parking, for example, on-campus residents with vehicles, must purchase a semester parking pass. Using your OneCard Debit to park for more than 24 hrs in a WSU lot/structure is a violation of WSU OneCard and Parking Policies.

Student Disability/Special Needs Parking Assignments

Disability/Special Needs parking is available and clearly marked in each lot/structure. Disability/special needs parking passes are not able to be purchased online. Students will need to provide the OneCard/Parking Service Center with a copy of their driver's license, a current handicapped placard or registration showing that they have a handicapped plate, and a copy of their current class schedule. This information can be brought in person to the Service Center or emailed to Based on this information provided the staff will determine the amount of your semester pass and will provide you with the total cost. Students can either pay in the office, or if communicating remotely, they will need to deposit the total amount of the pass into their OneCard account so that we can manually deduct it, sell the pass, and send a confirmation email. For those who are new to the parking program, the RFID tag will be mailed out to your home address.

Payroll deduction enrollment

Full-time, nine-month and 12-month faculty and staff are eligible to participate in the payroll deduction program. Part-time faculty/staff, temporary staff and stipend recipients are not eligible for this benefit. Payroll deductions are pre-tax unless you complete a Pre-Tax Parking Deduction Waiver Form. Employees may sign up by completing the online Payroll Deduction Enrollment Form. Parking access will start immediately when the form is submitted to the OneCard/Parking Service Center; however, deductions may not be able to start immediately (if employment paperwork is not fully processed). Parking patrons can expect the first deduction to be larger because it will include a charge for the RFID tag and could include charges for multiple weeks of parking based on how far in advance the form is submitted before the pay period. Patrons who wish to upgrade or downgrade their parking deductions should complete our online Payroll Deduction Adjustment Form. Check the parking website for complete information on payroll deduction refunds

Refunds and cancellation of parking assignments

It is the student or the employee's responsibility to cancel their parking when leaving the university, or when parking is no longer needed. To cancel your parking assignment, you must complete the online Cancellation Form. Please submit the cancellation at least 7 days before the bi-weekly pay day. All cancellations are processed from the day the form is received by the service center, not your last day of work or classes. Students should refer to the Refund Policy for semester parking passes while faculty/staff should refer to the Refund Policy for both semester parking passes and payroll deduction. 

Parking assignment changes and one-day temporary access

Patrons who wish to change their current parking assignment may do so by calling the OneCard/Parking Service Center. Changes to assignments will be made based upon the current availability of spaces in the lots/structures. Change requests are not guaranteed. In some instances, lots/structures may have waiting lists, which patrons can request to be added to. You must be a faculty/staff member with a current parking assignment and be receiving payroll deductions to be added to a waiting list.

Faculty/staff with a current parking assignment who need one-day temporary access to a particular lot/structure for a work-related purpose may call the OneCard/Parking Service Center. You will be required to disclose the date and time of the needed access, along with a description of the work-related purpose. Examples of approved work-related reasons for one-day access include attendance at meetings, trainings, transporting materials or equipment, program participation, etc. Class attendance is not considered a work-related purpose. Requests will be approved based on the availability of spaces in a particular lot/structure and the patron's current parking assignment (i.e.., if you currently pay for non-premium parking, you may only request one-day access in non-premium locations). Please call 577-CARD for any parking access changes. NOTE: The OneCard/Parking Service Center is unable to give one-time temporary access at the Temple West or D-garage locations. These structures are not owned or operated by WSU. Patrons needing temporary access to this location must add money to their OneCard and pay the daily rate, or pay by credit card to enter.

Temporary parking permits Overnight parking

Visitors who are guests of on-campus residents may purchase a temporary overnight parking permit for Structure 1, 2 or 8. Temporary parking permits can be purchased in person in the OneCard/Parking Service Center or online. Patrons purchasing a temporary permit in person must bring their driver's license and vehicle information to the OneCard/Parking Service Center along with payment. Forms of payment accepted include cash, check, money order and credit card. Patrons purchasing a temporary permit online can do so through our parking portal. Choose "get permits", then click on "Visitor Account" to create an account and start the process of purchasing a temporary permit. Once you've purchased your temporary parking permit you will need to press the intercom at the entry and exit gates to be permitted in and out of the structure by our Parking Command Center.

Temporary parking passes are $8.50/day and can be purchased for PS1, PS2 or PS8, our 24/7 structures. A temporary parking pass can be purchased for up to 30 days at a time. If you require parking for longer than that, you will need to come to the office to purchase a semester pass. 

Visitors staying in guest units within our university apartments who did not make parking arrangements with the guest unit coordinator prior to their arrival on campus must bring a copy of their confirmation email to the OneCard/Parking Service Center along with their license and vehicle registration. The confirmation email must include the guest's name, the location of the guest unit, and the arrival and departure dates so that we determine the proper parking location and pricing.

Information about daily parking for visitors can be found on the parking website.

Payment of parking citations

Parking citations issued by Wayne State Public Safety can be paid online using our Online Parking System. Payments accepted online include check or credit card. Note: Citations may take up to 72 hours to be processed and posted for online payment. Check or money order payments may be mailed in or dropped off at the WSU Cashiers Office. If paying by cash, patrons must pay in person at the Cashier's Office, Room 217 in the Welcome Center. A copy of the ticket must be included with payment if you are mailing payment or bringing it in person. Citations not paid within 15 days are subject to additional fees Other information about parking violations and contesting citations can be found on the parking website. Note: The majority of metered parking around campus is owned by the City of Detroit and monitored by the Detroit Municipal Parking Department, not Wayne State University. Tickets for these metered spaces must be handled through the City of Detroit.

Parking validation program

Departments, schools or colleges who have frequent on-campus visitors and would like to pay for their visitor's parking can choose to participate in the parking validation program. To participate, a department representative must sign the validation program agreement and pay a one-time leasing fee for a validation machine to the OneCard/Parking Service Center via IRB. It is the department's responsibility to pay for ink and any repairs the machine may need in its lifetime. Parking and Transportation will order the machine, have it programmed and train the department on how to use it. Once the department has the equipment, visitors may park in locations (Lot #12, #14, #23, #31, #57, PS#5, PS #6, PS#7 or PS #8) where they are able to pull a ticket. (*Note: PS#7 is on a separate validation system than main campus). They will then bring the ticket to the department to be validated. Upon exiting, visitors will insert the validated ticket into the machine and exit the lot/structure. The OneCard/Parking Service Center will bill participating departments monthly on a standing IRB for the number of validations done. Note: The validation machine must be returned to Parking and Transportation if the department decides not to participate in the program at any point. We do not permit departments to share validation machines.

Interested departments should contact the service center at 577-CARD. We do not keep extra validation equipment on-hand due to the cost of the items. It can take up to three or four weeks to get a machine once requested.

Special event parking

Parking and Transportation works with student organizations, departments/schools/colleges, and external groups who wish to rent university-owned lots and structures for special events. All official requests must be made by completing our online Parking Services Event Request Form.  Once a request is submitted, you'll receive a follow-up email or phone call within two to three business days, letting you know if we can accommodate the request and gathering any additional information about the event. You'll then receive a confirmation email with the details about the event and pricing. For all parking requests made less than 10 days in advance, you must contact Parking Events at (313) 577-4549 after completing the request form. Please note that we cannot guarantee the scheduling of last-minute parking requests and you may incur additional costs.

Pricing for special events is calculated using a "per space" rate. In addition, some locations may require a parking attendant to staff the lot or structure for which there is a "per hour" rate.

For estimated pricing and availability information please call 313-577-4549.

Parking maps

Lot/structure hours and information

Important parking announcements