Types of OneCards

A photo ID is required to obtain any new or replacement OneCard. By taking possession of your card you abide by our posted OneCard Terms and Conditions

Upgraded Technology

To increase security of patron information the OneCard/Parking Service Center has begun issuing student & faculty/staff "smart" cards with embedded chips and encrypted information. As the technology becomes more prevalent across campus you'll see readers being deployed that allow patrons to use the chip to enter doors or pay for products rather than swipe a card.


Most Wayne State University students will obtain their OneCard when they attend their new Freshman or Transfer Orientation. Information about the orientation schedule and dates can be found on the Orientation website. We encourage all students attending orientation to submit their photo in advance via Academica following our photo submission guidelines. Cards will either be mailed to the student or they can make an appt to pick up the card from us at the Welcome Center. 

Currently registered students who did not attend orientation may come to the OneCard Office during business hours to obtain their card. Students must be currently registered for at least 1 credit hour to be eligible to get a OneCard. A photo ID is required to obtain a new or replacement card. There is no fee for a student's initial OneCard but replacement card fees apply.

*Please note: If a student also has a faculty/staff position, their faculty/staff status/classification supercedes the student status for purposes of the type of OneCard, parking privilages and rates and fitness center access. 

Online/Distance Learning Students

The OneCard is available to those students taking only distance learning education courses (online only with no on-campus courses). Once enrollment in a distance learning program is verified, and a photo is uploaded by the student, the first ID card will be mailed to the student at no cost. There is a charge for any lost/replacement cards.

1. The student must contact the OneCard Office at onecard@wayne.edu from his/her Wayne State University email account and indicate that he/she is an online student and provide a copy of his/her schedule OR the department may contact us with a list of "online only" students.

2. The student will need to upload their photo via Academica following our photo submission guidelines. It will be reviewed and approved or denied.  Once approved, an email will be sent to the student letting him/her know.

3. After the photo is approved the student should provide the address where they would like their OneCard mailed to. Address information should be sent to onecard@wayne.edu, afterwhich we will mail the cards.  


Most Faculty/Staff will obtain their OneCard during their for new employee orientation process. Employees will need to upload their photo online as a part of this process. They can then make arrangements to either pick up their card at the Welcome Center or get it mailed to their home address. There is no charge for an employee's initial OneCard but replacement fees apply.

Those faculty/staff who do not attend new employee orientation, or who need their OneCard before their orientation date, should email a copy of their offer letter, to onecard@wayne.edu. The offer letter must include the 9-digit banner ID and access ID of the employee, as well as the person's title, and department. It must also include the person's length of service if they are a 9 month, part-time, or temporary employee.

If a faculty/staff person does not have their offer letter with them, our staff will check for current information in the Banner system; however, if the information is not in Banner, the HR system of record, a OneCard will not be able to be issued.

For employees with multiple roles, an employee classification supercedes all other roles, classifications or statuses (IE. student, alumni, affiliate, contractor, etc.) 

Volunteer Faculty

Should follow the same process as paid faculty and staff. See above.


Retirees may obtain their OneCard after their job status has been updated to RETIREE, which is after they have received their last paycheck as an active employee. Retirees will need to contact the OneCard office at onecard@wayne.edu or 313-577-2273 to request that their card  be mailed to their home address, or make an appointment if they would rather pick up their card. A Retiree parking tag may also be requested at this time. Retiree parking includes free access to PS1, PS2, PS3, PS4, PS5, PS7 an PS8. Any additional parking access needed, beyond these locations, is available to Retirees for purchase at staff parking rates. To request a Retiree parking hangtag you may submit this Retiree Parking Request Form.


New and replacement Alumni OneCards are free to alumni if requested through the Alumni Association. Once requested, alumni OneCards will be mailed directly to alumni within 6-8 weeks. To update your information with the Alumni Association and request an alumni OneCard complete the Alumni Card Request Form. Replacement OneCards MUST be requested through the Alumni Association in order to obtain it at no cost. Any Alumni seeking an immediate replacement card at the OneCard Office will be responsible for paying the replacement card fee. An Alumni card is not a photo identification card, therefore additional photo identification may need to be shown when using the card to obtain campus services.


The OneCard Office will issue OneCards to authorized affiliates of Wayne State University who need the card to obtain building access, parking, etc. Requests for affiliate OneCards must be submitted by email, in advance, to the OneCard/Parking Service Center by a Wayne State administrative office/department, school, college or division. A request should include the person's name, title, division/employer, and date that access should expire, as well as the reason why the card is needed (I.E.. ability or park, secure building access, etc.) 

The OneCard Office does not issue 9-digit banner ID's or access IDs. If an affiliate needs WSU email account a guest banner and access ID can be requested through C&IT by the school, college or division. More information about guest IDs can be found on C&IT's website. Note: These guest accounts do not give patrons access to the WSU libraries.

For those affiliates that do not need a WSU email account, once the card request is approved, a profile with a temporary ID will be created for the individuals so that a OneCard can be issued. Reminder: A temporary ID will not allow the person to access WSU email, access the WSU library system or make deposits to a OneCard online.

The current fee for new a new affiliate OneCard is $10.00. The replacement card fee is $20, the same as students, faculty and staff.

Examples of authorized affiliates who have obtained OneCards in the past are spouses of Housing Residents, UPG employees, FP&M Contractors, temporary grant-funded researchers or interns not paid by WSU, Karmanos Cancer Center employees, on-campus vendors such as WSU Bookstore & Pharmacy employees.

Sponsored fitness center access cards

Individuals who purchase a community or affiliate membership for the Mort Harris Recreation and Fitness Center, will need a sponsored fitness center card for entry into the facility.  The initial access card is created for these members at no charge as a part of their membership. Community or affiliate members need to bring a copy of their membership form showing payment and the length of the membership period, along with a photo ID, to the OneCard/Parking Service Center to obtain your card. The replacement card fee is $20, the same as students, faculty and staff.

Door access cards

WSU departments with OneCard readers may request additional door access cards to be managed and used by the department. The cost for a generic door access card is $5.00/card. All requests for such cards should be made to OneCard@wayne.edu. IRB's are the preferred method of payment for door access card requests.

Guest cards

Guest OneCards may be purchased by guests, students, visitors or staff at a OneCard cash deposit machine or in the OneCard/Parking Service Center with an IRB. The guest card can be used at most venues that accept the OneCard. Guest OneCards allow cardholders to add money and:

  • Park in WSU parking lots and structures
  • Pay for food & services at campus restaurants and vendors
  • Make copies or print from release stations across campus
  • Deposit cash onto your OneCard at OneCard Cash Deposit Machines

For a complete list of locations that accept OneCards go to the "Where to use your OneCard" page.

Guest OneCards cost $1 each. Purchased cards have no value on the card until money is added via IRB or at a OneCard cash deposit machine. Up to $300 can be added to a OneCard. Cards can be purchased at any OneCard Cash Deposit Machine by selecting "Start," "Purchase Card" and inserting $1. Funds that are added to a guest OneCard at a Cash Deposit Machine are available immediately. Funds can also be added at the OneCard Service Center with a check or money order.

Please note:

  • Funds deposited on a guest OneCard are not refundable.
  • Parking rates with a guest OneCard correspond with current guest rates published at all parking structures and lots and at parking.wayne.edu.
  • Funds are forfeit after 1 year of inactivity.

One-time use parking cards

One-time use parking cards are available for purchase in the OneCard/Parking Service Center. One-time use cards may be purchased, to distribute to guests, by departments using an IRB or by non-WSU entities using a check or money order. Payment must be received before the cards are picked up. Each card is pre-loaded with the amount of money that corresponds to the current premium guest credit card parking rate. Current parking rates can be found at on the parking website. The card will allow ONE entry only. Cards must be swiped upon entry AND exit.

One-time use parking cards allow parking in the following premium and non-premium locations based on availability (entry is not permitted if the full sign is on):

Parking Structures: 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7 and 8

Parking Lots: 11, 12, 14, 15, 22, 23, 32, 35, 50, 51, 53, 57, 70, 71, 72 and 75.

One-time Use parking cards purchased during a fiscal year, will expire at the end of the following fiscal year.

For more information on purchasing one-time use cards contact Cheryl Warren.

Summer Conference and Summer Interns

Conference program participants and Interns living in the Residence Halls and Apartments during the spring/summer semester are assigned a conference card for room access, meal plans, parking, or retail purchases. All monies added to summer conference and intern cards must be used in the summer. Any monies not used by September 30 of the current conference year will be forfeit.