Replacement Cards

Lost or stolen cards

Lost or stolen cards should be deactivated immediately through Academica. To deactivate your card:

  1. Log into Academica
  2. Access OneCard account
  3. Deactivate card

You may also contact the OneCard/Parking Service Center during normal business hours at 313-577-CARD.

To get a replacement card, you will need to fill out the Replacement Card Form and bring it in person to the OneCard office. A new card will be issued to you for a $20 fee. Acceptable forms of payment include check in the office, or money order/cash at the Cashier's Office with a receipt given to the OneCard Office as proof of payment.  We do not accept debit or credit card in the office. To use debit or credit card, the money will have to be uploaded to your OneCard account online through the portal in Academica.  We can then charge your OneCard account for the amount of the replacement card fee if your account has enough funds. No split payments are accepted. If your card was stolen, a WSU police report number is necessary for the OneCard office to waive the $20 replacement fee.

Bent, broken or demagnetized cards

If your WSU OneCard is not working properly, please bring your card to the OneCard/Parking Service Center in the Welcome Center, Suite 257. The problem will be diagnosed and a new card will be issued if necessary.

The following suggestions will help ensure your OneCard's longevity:

  • Card should never be placed next to another card with the magnetic strips touching
  • Do not scratch magnetic strip in any way
  • Do not place card on any magnetic surface
  • Do not punch holes in card
  • Do not bend card

Found cards/confiscated cards

Departments or individuals who find lost cards should return them to the OneCard/Parking Service Center in Suite 257, Welcome Center. The OneCard/Parking Service Center staff will investigate to see if the person is still active at the University and whether he/she has gotten a replacement card already.

Employee cards that are confiscated at the end of their employment, or student/other cards are confiscated for conduct reasons should be returned to the OneCard/Parking Service Center so that the accounts can be deactivated and the cards disabled and shredded.

Name changes

If a patron's legal name changes or a person would like a new card to reflect their preferred name, this is considered a replacement card and the replacement card fee of $20 will be assessed. Acceptable forms of payment include funds from your OneCard, check or money order in the office, or cash at the Cashier's Office with a receipt as proof of payment.